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Suggested option: use original sample rate. Maybe another for 2x sample rate.


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So now that this latest Poweramp can (on supported devices) actually change to a sample rate other than 48KHz, I think it should have an option to change the sample rate depending on the input and use whatever the actual input uses.  Eg play a 44.1KHz file at 44.1KHz, a 48KHz at 48KHz, etc etc.  Perhaps a nice option might be to have a 2x option for an exact doubling resample (eg 44.1 to 88.2 which IS an official standard for digital devices, but not thought of normally so I'm not sure if it works in Android, and 48 would obviously double to the rather well known 96.)  Obviously it wouldn't double anything that's already at the max (eg no doubling of 176.4 or 192KHz sources.)  Perhaps even a 4x mode for those who want 176.4 and 192.  This way resampling is kept to the cleanest results or not used at all where possible.  This doesn't just have theoretically better sound, but should even use a tiny bit less CPU power.  (Well, probably not a huge difference, but perhaps especially handy when listening for a long time.)  Not that I'm saying it has a bad resampler (I seem to recall reading really good things about the optional SoX resampler in fact) just that I generally prefer to keep things 1:1 whenever I can and even SoX will surely do better with an exact 2.0x or 4.0x multiplier versus, say, 1.088x or 4.36x or whatever since quite a lot of content is still at 44.1KHz these days and will likely remain so for a long time still (standards sure are frighteningly slow to improve in markets like these...)

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