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So the 703 pretty much solved the album art issues..but there's still an issue for me when jumping between playlists..the album art is stuck on the last playlist before I moved to the other one..ie if I'm on my rock playlist and moving to classical playlist the album art will be stuck on the last song that was played in the rock playlist..any one has that issue? 

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I see occasional issues where the art sticks on a previous image too. It's hard to tie down the specific circumstances that cause it though. Sometimes advancing to the next track and then jumping back again fix it, sometimes it 'sticks' on the wrong image for that track until you start playing a new sequence completely.


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For me the album art only updates when using the Next/Previous track buttons. Swiping the screen results in no album art shown (just black). 

Same when skipping to next album/playlist, using the button or swipe gesture,  just black.

I'm on 703, using Galaxy S7 edge 

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