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sound quality changed!

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I really love this Poweramp, purchased it and enjoying, i made my own equalization to my taste. The best combination i found was playing the musics from htc desire hd with ofcoz the Poweramp through sony carradio, through JBL subwoofers. the equalization i made on Poweramp fits perfectly with sony carradio and jbl subwoofer. i was so happy that i have found my place listening to the musics, but something when wrong, i accidently pressed something on Poweramp, and i have lost the perfect sound i had :( .. before the bass and treble were perfect, but now im getting extra bass. it was so stupid of me that i forgot to save the equalization, but now i have tried every equalization, but im only getting extra bass :( which is making my jbl go crazy :(.. im not hearing my old settings anymore :( ..

do anyone know this is to do with the update or do i need to update it??? the sound was just too perfect.. and now it is no more :( ...

please help me with this!!

thanks in advance!


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