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Next/prev song by volume buttons


Next/prev song and volume button  

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I have a Nexus 5 and wired headphones without buttons and when I listen to music (for example in a public transport) it isn't always convenient and easy to change the played song.

You should pick up the phone from your pocket, then press power button and switch the track by Poweramp widget. But If you don't want or can't to pick up the phone there isn't possible to change the track. So I think that it is will be great to change the tracks by volume buttons. Because you always can find this buttons by touch and you don't need to pick up the phone and unlock it. 

For example you may change track by double pressing or by pressing and holding (e.g.) "volume down" and pressing "volume up" button to perform a change to the next track. Or maybe as implemented shuffle track feature on iPods where you should to shake the device and all tracks will be shuffled.

Could you implement this feature? 

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