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Poweramp for Desktop

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Being a new member of the android community, I was browsing for good audio players which supported gapless playback and flac support. Poweramp was featured on top 3 of almost forums I consulted. I was skeptic about paying for an app, but after using it Poweramp became an instant favorite! I'm stuck with iTunes for my desktop as it is the only player which provides seamless gapless playback (that I know of... & alas, it doesn't support flac). It would be great if you guys come up with a desktop version of Poweramp. 

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If there's a market why not expand the business!?  I personally would buy also (i already bought it for android) the desktop version of Power Amp. Best player for android, why don't bother to be also on windows? 

That " Android version takes up all of the dev's time " should be only a bump for you to expan your business.


anyways, keep up the good work!

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