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Exporting 'empty' playlists


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Hi everyone,

during the upgrade from CM 11 to 13 my external sdcard has changed its path from /storage/sdcard1/ to /storage/1234-5678 (that's how Android 6 / CM13 mount the sdcard, when it is not used as internal storage). Due to that my library is empty, as all songs are no longer where Poweramp expects them.

I still have all my 'internal' playlists (not file-based ones), but all of them contain zero songs. If I export them I get empty files...

I tried to create a link (rooted device, yeah!) from /storage/1234-5678 to /storage/sdcard1, but this path is not available in Poweramp's folder dialog. I'll try creating a folder and linking all files there and see if this works.


Is there a way to get my playlists out of Poweramp, as I expect it still has the old entries for each playlist somewhere in it's internals?

Thanks in advance,


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Sadly I think TheoKlink will be right, Poweramp will have scanned the filesystem and noticed that files were 'missing' (OK, technically Google told Android to put them somewhere utterly stupid, but PA couldn't have known that). Missing files are treated as deleted files and would thus be removed from the database (and hence from playlists). You didn't by any chance make a backup of your old setup before performing such a major revision ROM upgrade did you?


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