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USB OTG Support on Android 6.0.1?

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I read:

  • USB OTG storage access @ Android 6.0 via Storage Access Framework

But it won't show up anywhere . I tried scanning for the folder but it won't even show up as an option to select. Anyone haev a solution? I have a nexus 5x which doesn't have sd card support so im short on space. One solution was to format the card as ntfs and use ntfs mounter to use it with Poweramp. But it's really annoying that I have to o in and rerun the app everytime to get Poweramp to recognize and rescan the library. Thank you in advance for any help!

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I have been using Poweramp now for nearly two years on a Nexus 7 2013 ( Android 6.0.1)  and have the same problem. I have sent 2 messages and an email to support and only had one response with advice saying same as above. I would very much like to be able to select the folders on the plugged in OTG USB memory blade -  but nothing on the blade is visible on Poweramp. I  have to use another app (File Manager) to copy files or folders into the Nexus memory in order to play them, or connect my Nexus to a PC and squirt them into the Nexus memory. I understood this might be fixed in version 3 but there is no sign of that in the new version features. It's a real pain as there is nowhere near enough internal memory in the Nexus to store all my music and Podcasts. Does anyone know of  a solution? I think USB mount app might fix it, but the app is rooted which concerns me. Also - If I buy a more expensive tablet  Eg. Samsung Galaxy S2 will I have the same problem with the SD card not being seen by Poweramp? 

(PS - I have also replied same on a similar older thread) 

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