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Live playlists from Rocket Player

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I love Poweramp and currently is the best player for me, but it lack just one thing that the previous player I used has: live playlists.

In Rocket Player I could make playlists setting up some conditions, for example:


In this way, the player will add all the 5-stars musics from Metallica, Epica and Pentakill and dubstep musics. Only the "RATING IS 5" is marked as required rule. It's like if the music have 5 stars, then if the music contains "Metallica", or "Epica", or "Pentakill" as artist or "Dubstep" as genre, add to the list. If I delete or modify something, the player updates the list.

So I can make one playlist for 5-stars dubsteps, other for 5-stars heavy metal, and another for 5-stars mixed musics, without the need to add manually music per music.

If this idea is implemented, would be great adding "folder" as condition too (my dubsteps musics don't have the genre tag, but all are in a specific folder).

Rocket Player: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrtstudio.AnotherMusicPlayer

Thank you for the attention.

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