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Move Tracks Top/Bottom of Playlist

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I would like to be able to move tracks to the top / bottom of a playlist without having to scroll past all of the rest of the songs currently in the playlist (hundreds of tracks for me).

The current way for me to move tracks to the top of a playlist:

  1. Select track to move to top
  2. Add track to empty playlist
  3. Add rest of current playlist to the playlist used in step 2
  4. Empty old playlist from step 1
  5. In the new playlist select delete duplicates
  6. Add all songs from new playlist back to old playlist
  7. Empty / delete new playlist
  8. If more songs to move to top go to step 1

Moving tracks to the bottom is a little bit less involved but still requires some thought.

  1. Select track to move to bottom
  2. Add track to current playlist
  3. Delete track from original spot in current playlist
  4. If more tracks to move to bottom go to step 1
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