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ReplayGain values ignored/not working on some tracks


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I have this strange problem problem where Poweramp refuses to read the ReplayGain values on some of my songs.
Here are links to 2 such files if someone wants do download them and check what's going on.
I have several thousand music files and their tags have been edited and saved with the same program, their ReplayGain values have also been calculated with the same program. The vast majority seem to be working correctly in Poweramp, but some albums randomly don't.
I looked through the forums and found this post, where the problem was an APE tag, but mine are all ID3v2.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me what's going on.

PS. I test whether Poweramp reads the values by going to replaygain in settings and changing the "RG preamp" and "Preamp for songs without RG info" values. Based on which one affects the volume you can tell whether Poweramp reads the RG values or not.

EDIT: the phone is Zenfone 2; Poweramp is the latest stable version

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So, apparently Poweramp only reads the replaygain tags if they are written in lowercase.

In my case I used one tool to calculate the tags that saves them in uppercase and another to mass re-tag and re-name files that re-saves the replaygain tags with lowercase if present, so it was a matter of luck in which order I used the tools. If by any chance I changed any tag after calculating the replaygain values, the files work. Otherwise not.

I think this can be considered a bug in Poweramp, as the spec says the tags should be in uppercase. In any case, it seems logical to follow the robustness principal and allow whatever case as input for tags in general.

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