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Noise on phone calls when using Poweramp

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When I'm using Poweramp and receive a phone call, the other side hear lots of noises and cannot hear me at all.

when I'm shutting down Poweramp (or uninstalling) , I get the calls good and the other side can hear me perfectly. 

I really like this player and also paid for full version. 

I don't experience such issues on Shuttle Player, but I like Poweramp more.

please try to help. I'm running Poweramp latest version on Android 4.1.1 car 6.2" head unit.


I've also tried with the latest v3 release and it's still the same  - when the app is running, the other side hear lots of noise and cannot have a conversation. when I close the app (and the process) , the other side gets a clear voice.





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Does Poweramp pause itself on call? Nevertheless, this is unexpected behavior and I don't think I will be able to reproduce that on any of my test phone. Looks like bug in lower levels of audio subsystem (below AudioFlinger, as calls are usually routed in lower levels and apps can't have access to them, unless there are some hacky modifications, e.g. for call recording).

Does that device have additional audio processing/effects/audio customization?

Does disabling Direct Volume Control in Poweramp make any change?

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