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LG V10 - Not Support 75 stage volume control


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In Ordinary Phones does support Only 15 stage volume control while Hi-fi mode of v10 support micro volume control of 75 stages.

But Poweramp player doesn't support it.

For example, When the volume is 0~4 The player doesn't make any sound.

it tend to regard 0~4 as Normal Volume 0 and 5~9 as Normal Volume 1, ...

I’m Sure I can't use this player without support of the micro volume control.

I request you the function for those v10 users including me.

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59 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

Greater range of volume control is already supported in the alpha-test builds of Poweramp v3 (as is high resolution output if your device DAC supports it). Give it a try (available from the Downloads tab at the top of the page).


wow it didn't work with default setting, but once I just tried hi-res output than it Started to support volume control like a magic. This app haven't used ESS DAC in this phone until now? I believed It was using it. What a ridiculous happening!

Thank you I finally got the micro volume control. I'm sure i can enjoy with this from now on.

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Poweramp v3 alpha has experimental Volume Levels option, which supports up to 100 levels. As for v10, this is somewhat hacky and strangely implemented. There are 16 levels as reported by all Android APIs, so it's hidden from apps for some reason. For example, Meizu 5 Pro has 61 levels and this is exposed and works properly in any player.

I can add 76 levels option to that Experimental feature to match V10 76 levels, though, it won't match it exactly, as Poweramp has own volume curve for all devices, and it's not possible to guess which volume curve this given device uses (this is usually hidden in proprietary blobs and not exposed).

For Poweramp, though, Volume Levels option is global and works for any output (e.g. BT, USB), not just wired headset.

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