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Samsung AVRCP Handling


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Hi there,

I've recently downloaded the alpha and I've been enjoying it a lot.

There is an issue with Samsung devices which not only affects the alpha but pretty much every music player I've tried. I understand that this is not a Poweramp issue but I'm hoping there may be a workaround that can be included in the release.

Just to clarify, I'm not an Android developer but I do have a moderate amount of technical knowledge such as flashing custom ROMs etc.

I believe the issue is that Samsung has badly implemented AVRCP backward compatibility. I have an older Kenwood head unit (BT92SD) with the latest firmware installed. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. No metadata is being transmitted to the head unit and the buttons do not skip track / play / pause etc.

The head unit works with no issues on my friend's HTC One M9, my Fiancée's HTC One M8 and my old HTC One M7.

I believe the head unit supports an old version of AVRCP and although AVRCP 1.5 is supposed to be backwards compatible, it does not work on Samsung's new devices. I have done a lot of Googling and Samsung are refusing to acknowledge it as an issue and there is no third party solution I can find. There are a lot of people out there experiencing the same issue.

I have tried all variations "Metachanged Intent" CyanogenMod etc.

Considering the popularity of the Galaxy range, would it be a feature that you would consider implementing if indeed it is possible or am I going to have to update my head unit?



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That's strange, because I have old BT devices (like Sony Ericsson MW600), and they work with recent Samsungs on latest OTAs (almost) without issues. "Almost" is here because sometimes for some reason buttons don't work and no info is shown, meaning, avrcp connection is not settled completely, but reconnection (or re-pairing once) solves that.

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