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List of Android Devices with Hi-Res Audio Support (Internal DAC)

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Con esas opciones solo podrás usar la salida Hi-Res™ activando USB-DAC y usar unos auriculares o cualquier otro dispositivo a través de puerto USB-C del terminal y subiendo su frecuencia de respuesta por encima de los 48Khz para Hi-Res, yo también he tenido solo esa opción en algunas versiones de Poweramp, despues y hasta ahora se fijo y si puedo ya utilizar la salida de auriculares cableados/Auxiliar, obviamente el dispositivo debe tener y ser compatible con esta salida, si este es tu caso darle tiempo seguro se fijara en posteriores versiones. 

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With these options you can only use the Hi-Res ™ output by activating USB-DAC and using a headset or any other device via the USB-C port of the terminal and up its response frequency above the 48Khz for Hi-Res, I also had only that option in Some versions of Poweramp, then and so far is fixed and if I can already use the headphones output wired/auxiliary, obviously the device must have and be compatible with this output, if this is your case give it secure time will be fixed in later versions. 

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  • Sony Xperia XZ Premium (SO-04J)
  • Android 8.0.0
  • Poweramp v3-build-820



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5 hours ago, Dean McQueen said:

Does The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 support hi-res audio. I've searched and searched. Can't find a answer. 

As the S3 does, I would be surprised if the S4 did not.


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