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Requests for Hi-Res Support (please state which build of Poweramp you are using)

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@maxmp please fully support LG V30 Hi-res variant with float32 options, currently only hi-res variant and don't have float 32 option on LG V30, on Galaxy S8 is working perfectly with samsung uhqa variant also float 32 option is available

I'm using Poweramp 795 from google play store

1. LG V30/V30+ 

2. Android 8.0.0

3. SoC Snadragon 835, DAC: QuadDAC ESS SABRE


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Добрый вечер. Samsung j4 2018 года. В версии 790 был рабочий hi res и hi res hd output.  Обновился до версии 792, потом 795, но hi res аудиовыход пропал, а hi res Bluetooth ресемплит  на 16/44. 790 версия не устраивает, так как не читает cue. цессор exynos 7570, прошивка android 8.0

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11 hours ago, vOidward said:

It would seem that the OnePlus 6 Android P beta 2 doesn't support hires audio. It gives option for direct HD but produces no sound.

Not sure if that's a OnePlus issue or if there will be something different in Android P that will need to be fixed.

Yes, same here with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 in Pie, definitetly there is some work to do with this android version.

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New version (796) was just pushed through the play store. While hi-res audio now works on my OnePlus 6 + Android P beta 2, it only does so with direct volume control disabled.

Unfortunately, that provides a much weaker output and isn't enough to drive my main headphones. Standard outputs get much louder. Progress! But fixing DVC would be nice.

Might just be worth rolling back to Oreo for now honestly.

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  1. FiiO X5 III (3rd generation)
  2. Android 5.1.1. Link to ROM: X5III FW1.2.1
  3. This is Hi-Res player. A copy of device's /etc/audio_policy.conf is attached:
    outputs {
      primary {
        sampling_rates 44100|48000
        channel_masks AUDIO_CHANNEL_OUT_STEREO
        formats AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_16_BIT
      hifi_direct {
        sampling_rates 6000|8000|11025|22050|16000|24000|32000|64000|128000|44100|48000|88200|96000|176400|192000|352800|384000
        channel_masks AUDIO_CHANNEL_OUT_STEREO


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I just went back to beta preview build 790 uni full version because its the only build where Hi Res works on my LGV10 i got tired of waiting on a response from MXP or whomever was going to help me with getting Hi Res to work on 795 and 796 neither of these could activate Hi Res for my LGV10 so i guess preview build 790 will do and it sucks because it wont load my whole library of albums from my SD card or Internal memory is this build is ONLY a preview and not for day to day use but i got tired of not getting a response to help me out with this issue on 795 or 796 ...

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Joying Car Audio Deck Model JY-UO134P4
It runs Android 8 with 1024x600 display with Octa Core Processor Car Radio with 2GB/4GB RAM + 32GB /64GB ROM
The regular player works well, but adding HI Rez audio would be nice.
Would you consider doing DTS audio as well? for Quadraphonic audio playback?

Thank you

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On 9/12/2018 at 6:37 AM, Addy said:

how about SDM845 devices such as xiaomi pocophone f1? @maxmp

can you figure it out to fully support hi-res in Poweramp? thanks in advance..

I have rc 797 version and pocophone f1 with miui global beta 8.9.13(android 8.1). High res cable with 192khz and BT with 96khz is working so far. 

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