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Requests for Hi-Res Support (please state which build of Poweramp you are using)

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Would you please kindly add support for LG V20 ES9218 dac as output? Thank you!

Currently any sound will be re-sample to 48/16, and if it is 48/16, it will not go to the hifi path. (Any 24bits music seems would use the 9028 properly in stock music player)

If Poweramp can make even 48/16 music use the hifi path, and skip SRC, that would be perfect.

Thank you very very much!

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12 hours ago, clinkzclinkz said:
  1. LG V20
  2. ROM version: Stock Android 7.0
  3. LG V20 has ESS9218 chip. However, in audio output setting in 704, there is no option to select it. Thank you very much!! :)

There will not be an option called ess sabre, it is called high res output and it is experimental

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4 hours ago, jerryX said:

My cellphone is Xiaomi 5 premium version (snapdragon 820), the software also detected the PCM of 820. The Hi-res output is working when it's running on android 6.0 (MIUI 7), but after I upgrade the OS to android 7.0 (MIUI 9), the Hi-res output is not working anymore. Thanks for helping me!??



Same here, I have Xiaomi Mi5 too, yesterday Hi-Res output was working, but after I updated to miui 9 7.17.7 it's not working anymore.

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On 4/5/2016 at 9:25 PM, maxmp said:

Your device supports Hi-Res audio _output_* (at least 24bit, at least 96khz sampling rate), but Poweramp v3.0 alpha doesn't support it?
Request the support here!

Please provide (requests without these items will be deleted):

  1. Device model
  2. ROM version (Android version, stock/OTA/Custom ROM)
  3. Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res (link to device features, etc.)? A copy of your device's /etc/audio_policy.conf file may be helpful.

Please note, this is for Hi-Res output requests, just playback (with resampling) of hi-res audio is already implemented by Poweramp v2.0 for all devices/ROMs.

1. Lenovo k4 Note

2. Android 5.1 Stock ROM



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Just updated my Pixel XL to Android O 8.0 and I notice the High res audio audio option is missing. I use a USB DAC  FiiO DAC E17K. Non rooted device.

On 7.1.2 Poweramp showed Hi-Res output using 24bit 96khz fine. 

After OS update to 8.0....it now shows its using the regular OpenSL ES Output.

I am on Poweramp alpha-build-704-uni(full version). 





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9 hours ago, Rim13 said:

1. Xiaomi Mi MIX (codenamed "Lithium")

2. Android 7.1.2; Resurrection Remix OS 5.8.3 

3. Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821 ; Sound chip: HD Chip AQSTIC 192kHz 24 bits.

audio_platform_info.xml ; audio_policy_configuration.xml ; audio_policy_volumes.xml


I hope you add for mi mix support hi-res, because now i see error if I try using hi-res output.

root and then insert string into a file build.prop string is



Device Mi mix; ROM rr 5.8.4; App Poweramp 704

Conclusion. Everything worked.

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1. Sony Xperia XZs (G8232) 

And also: XZ, XZ Premium - all this phones are the same.

2. Android 7.1.1 (Xperia Stock Room 41.2.A.7.53) (but Oreo will come soon)

3.This information is wroted at Sony's official site. Also there is a "DSEE HX™" (I don't know what is it).


4. My audio_policy.conf: audio_policy_configuration.xml

and Build.prop: build.prop

I like Poweramp - it's the best player ever for Android. Thank you for you work. I don't regret, that bought it a few years ago.

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  • andrewilley changed the title to Requests for Hi-Res Support (please state which build you are using - 704, 709, etc or the newer 790+)

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