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Huawei Ascend P2

Me gusta tanto Poweramp que me uní a estos Tester para colaborar con esta V3.0 y he encontrado bugs para mostrar las configuraciones (se ven transparentes o debajo de las carátulas), No encuentro la configuración para Dolby y esperamos la traducción a español. 


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Celerino, if I understand things correctly, this forum is English-only (with a Russian subforum) so with your permission I'm going to translate your message:

"Huawei Ascend P2

I like Poweramp so much that I joined the testing to lend a hand with v3.0, and I found a bug when showing the configs (they look transparent or under the cover), I don't find the Dolby config and we are awaiting the Spanish translation".

I have to say I don't understand the bit about the configurations looking transparent or under the covers, though. Do you refer to the icons to access the three-dot menu, the equalizer, etc.? If you don't speak English, explain the bug in detail here in Spanish and I will translate the message if I can.

Anyway, this message will be better in the Poweramp-alpha testing subthread, but it's better if Andre decides about that.

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No, Andre, the "bugs" (if they were bugs and not just preferences in behaviour) were not fixed, the poster ended the message with "éxitos" because he was wishing success to the project, not because he had all fixed. That's why I didn't translate it in my reply, it's just a formula for ending a message, not real content. Chrome translation is far from perfect ;)

If the poster explains to me (in Spanish) the problems he is having, I will translate them for the forum. So far, I don't fully understand what the problems are...

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