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The "mini player" which appears in the notification area shows the song title with the lower part cut. The descent of some letters (well, those letters having a descent, actually) appears cut, like shown in the attached image. As you can see, both the "y" and the "g" in the song title appear cut. Maybe my phone is lying about screen density, font size or whatever, but I was wondering if someone can reproduce this in Android Lollipop.

My terminal runs stock Android 6.0.0, is a BQ Aquaris A4.5, part of the AndroidOne program. I'm using Poweramp latest (586) full version.

Before using the bug report form I would like to know if someone can reproduce this in older versions of Android to discard that the problem happens only on my terminal.

Thanks in advance!


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Fine for me on a Galaxy Note 3 on 4.4.2 (but my font is smaller than yours and there are other differences, so not a fair comparison). Oh, and I'm using the alpha test build 702, but it's OK with the release build on my older HTC test device in 2.3.3 too.


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I suspect the problem is the font size used in the notification area. Is the same font used on the widget? I mean, if I select a smaller font on the widget, would this be fixed? If the font is operating system default, then my only hope is Poweramp fixing this, which shouldn't be difficult, it's just a matter of computing the ascent and descent of the font and space things accordingly. Of course, Android being Android, it can lie about that information, making this problem unfixable...

Let's see if some other user can reproduce it, otherwise I'll try to change the widget font.

Thanks, Andre!

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