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Volume / sound issues on samsung galaxy s7

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I've been using Poweramp for the last 2-3 years as I believe it is the best music player out there. Unfortunately, I've been experiencing volume and sound issues since I've upgraded to the galaxy s7. 

The volume is very low and sometimes I can even hear static sounds. I tried to turn on / off the DVC but it doesn't change anything. 

At first I thought my phone was the problem but then I tried playing music on other apps and it works just fine. 

I've read on some other forums that people with the s7 experienced the same problem as I did. 

Can you please fix this problem? 

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I downloaded the latest alpha version but the problem is still here. The volume is very quiet. I got a jbl Xtreme and with youtube player everything is ok but the app highest volume is very very quiet.  The other thing is when i listening on headset few times later the music will creaking (like a 100 years old radio).

Sorry for my english.

And txhx your answer.!

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