Alpha2 F.A.Q. Q. Poweramp v2 always has been able to play Hi-Res Audio, what is actually added in Alpha2? A. Poweramp v2 can decode Hi-Res Audio, but it's always resampled back to 16bit/48 (or 44.1) khz as previously device+ROM combination couldn't output more than that. Alpha2 build can actually output Hi-Res (24bit/192khz, depedning on the device) via smartphone Hi-Res DAC to wired headset/headphones.   Q. What smartphones have internal Hi-Res DAC? A. Samsung Galaxy (S5/S6/S7 and variants), Note4/5  LG G2/3/4, V10 Sony Z3/Z4/Z5 and variants HTC One A9/M9 Some MTK based devices (with appropriate hardware and ro.mtk_besloudness_support=1) (e.g. Highscreen Boost3). All the above devices should be on Android 5+, with the exception of LG G2, which is Hi-Res capable on Android 4.4. The bold ones are tested/confirmed. Due to the variety in Hi-Res implementations, internal Hi-Res can also work on devices not listed here. If you open Poweramp Audio Settings => Output and you can see Wired Headset/AUX in Hi-Res Output (Experimental), then it's supported.   Poweramp alpha2 actually implements multiple Hi-Res variants: - Snapdragon variant (LG/Sony/HTC devices). (Btw. many Snapdragon-based devices actually has Hi-Res capable hardware (e.g. latest Nexuses), but it's disabled in software) - Samsung UHQA variant (it's a separate codepath even on Samsung Snapdragon-based devices) - Sony Hi-Res variant (96khz only, Sony can also do 192khz in Snapdragon-variant mode - without DVC) - MTK variant - USB DAC variant (external Hi-Res DACs) The DVC option is supported on some devices (Samsungs, Sonys, MTKs, USB DACs), but not on others (HTCs, LGs)   Q. Are these devices actually output Hi-Res audio or is this fake? These are Frequency Analysis screenshots taken by capturing Poweramp alpha2 while playing 0-96khz sine sweep, encoded as 24bit/192khz flac on Headset/AUX output with Hi-Res capable sound card (Asus X5) @ 192khz. Samsung S6 Edge: Samsung S7 Edge (Exynos): Sony Z5 Premium (it's DVC capable output is only 96khz, it can do 192khz output as well, though, w/o DVC):   Q. What about planned UI changes? A. I'm on it and that will be focus of the next release (that would be beta1). And the last beta would be beta2 with Remote Playback/Cloud Storages support.