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Hello guys ^^,


Not so long ago I bought myself a smart case for my LG G3.

And because I didn't want to open the case every time i change song or pause,

I searched for QuickCircle Poweramp to help me.


Unfortunately, I didn't find anything.


So, on my free time, which took me like 2 days or 3, i wrote an app for QuickCircle for Poweramp.


During my search for this app, I saw a lot of people asking for it, so I decided to publish it.

However I don't have much spare money to publish it on Google Play,

So I'll just give it here :


P.S. - Named it QuicKamP  :P


apk :



git for intrested :



It was my first app, so maybe it isn't perfect, however if you guys think i should add or remove something,ill be on it.


Have a nice day ^^


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