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Sound volume profiles when connected to different Bluetooth devices


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I'm trying to set up Poweramp to play songs at 50-75% volume when connected to car Bluetooth audio system whilst other phone audio remains at 100% volume.

The reason for this is, when I run Poweramp and SatNav program on phone together, I can barely hear SatNav voice instructions, if I set car speaker volume for comfortable music listening from Poweramp.

If you implement this function, it would be important to be able to choose which connected Bluetooth device gets quieter songs, for people who listen to music on different Bluetooth devices.


I other words: I want to be able assign different equalizer and volume profiles to different Bluetooth devices.


Anyone can help?

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There is currently only one Bluetooth equaliser profile, so if you set the preamp gain in order to reduce the levels in the car, any other bluetooth devices will inherit the same setting.

Can you not use Tasker or a similar app to allow you to launch Poweramp after first reducing the device's main bluetooth level? Then have another shortcut which launches Poweramp but with bluetooth volume first set to 100%? That's what I do for listening at night when I want my headphone levels to be much lower than I would during the day.


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