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Poweramp doesn't resume properly after bluetooth call

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So i've had this issue on aosp based rom's that run Android L.  CM12.1 and Mokee5.1.

The issue is when im listening to music in my car over bluetooth and i get a phone call or make a phone call, after i hang up i have to manually resume music again.


I've looked into the issue a little bit and here are my findings.


if i have Poweramp open and someone calls me after the call hangs up if i watch the UI i can see that it's actually playing the music for a split second then pausing it again.  so it's almost like the play command is being sent twice and since play and pause are the same button, it ends up playing then pausing.


I have also checked to see if the issue is the rom.  If i use the stock cm12.1 music player, there is no issue the music plays again after a call.


I tried installing CM13 to see if it happened on that rom as well and it doesn't.  Poweramp can resume playback after a call in cm13 fine.


So it appears to be a conflict directly between cm12.1 and/or android L and Poweramp.


It would be nice to get this fixed i've been using Poweramp for years and i would hate to have to switch players but i don't wanna have to use my phone while im driving to resume playback after every call.

thanks in advance if you want a logcat or something just let me know.

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