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Cannot Delete Unknown Album

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Currently running the paid version of the app.  Here's the situation:


  • Poweramp has created an Album of its own "Unknown album"
  • Unknown album contains both, files that will play & files that won't
  • Tried deleting Unknown album (Poweramp offers this option, but it won't delete Unknown album)
  • Tried to delete individual tracks within Unknown album, but the Delete option is unavailable
  • Unknown album doesn't exist in my "Music" folder on my mSD card
  • Every other Album / folder works / plays / shows up fine (212 Albums)
  • Need Unknown album gone


Attached 2 pics for reference.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions / help in providing a resolution.






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That's not a Playlist as far as I can tell from your screenshots (it's in the Albums group, not the Playlists group). It's just the best way Poweramp can represent a group for any song files within your music folders which contain no proper ID3 tag information; it labels them as unknown title/artist/album. The song titles shown inside that 'Album' will be the filenames, which is all it has to go on.

Long-press on one of the songs and select Info/Tags and see what's there, I suspect there will be no tag data.


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You are correct & I've edited my post.    


  • I've modified 2 tracks from Unknown album by adding an Artist, Title & Cover in the ID Tag properties.  Poweramp simply reorganized the tracks in Unknown album (screenshot 1).  What specific information is Poweramp looking for within the ID Tag properties in order to remove a track from Unknown album?
  • Poweramp is pulling my voicemail files & 3 ringtones (Hangout files) into Unknown album (screenshot 2).  Voicemail messages & ringtones are in their respective folders, not in the Music folder.
  • Of the 72 files in Unknown album, 25 are voicemail files, 3 are ringtones (Hangout files) & 44 are audio tracks


What's the best approach here?













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Those modified tracks still have no Album titles in the tag display, so they will continue show as Unknown Album. If there are a lot of them, I'd suggest dealing with them on your a PC using a batch tag editor such as TagScanner, much easier than trying to fiddle with them on a phone screen.

If you are seeing files others than the music you want (ringtones, notifications, messages, etc) then go to Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders and untick any folders that you do not want Poweramp to scan for songs. Personally, I tend to untick everything at the top level first, and then just tick the folders that I want (on my system all my music is located in one folder). Subfolders will be selected automatically when you tick a parent folder, so if you want to skip any subfolders drill down and untick them again.


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