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Remove border around album art?


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Its not perfect....

The player seems to add a little color coordinated border image beneath and around the actual artwork file.  I am not sure how to get rid of this.


Andre, Is there any way to simplify this?... just toggle between visualization and album art?  If you could eliminate that color coordinated border beneath / around the artwork that would be OK by me.



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Poweramp does not stretch art (so unless you zoomed in until it's really cropped you would still have a top/bottom border) but you can set a zoom factor in Settings > Album Art > Album Art Zoom to reduce the border (I use 1.05%, which seems about right to remove the left/right edge). You can also change the 'blurriness' and intensity of the background effect, disable the shadow, etc.

You can't currently mix art with one of the visualisations, but several people have requested that so maybe in the future?


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