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DLNA UPnP support

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I am using Poweramp on Android and I would love to see DLNA support so I can stream music from my media servers directly to my phone. I am not interested in storing music on my phone and I do not want to stream music from my phone, which seems to be what all the programs do. I just want to stream music to my phone.

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I regularly use my phone to stream music via WLAN to my Hifi-System. Unfortunately, Poweramp doesn't support this yet. Therefore I always have to switch to the native (HTC Sense) music player.

Would really love to see this feature!

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I've bought Poweramp with Poweramp Shaker to switch next/previous track when screen is unusable (when screen is wet, capacitive touch detection is ineffective). Yes I use it on Motorola defy witch is a dust/water proof smartphone and still is after 19 month of intense use.

The only feature I still hope to be added to Poweramp is the ability to stream losslessly to my AV receiver, my Freebox Server, My Zeppelin Air...like Twonky do on Android or like native iOS player do.

I would be pleased to pay an addon for that because I think this the state of the art for music lovers. With this feature you can transport your music wherever you want in high quality or lossless and easyly choose on the fly witch speaker to use (living room, kitchen, bathroom, friend AV receiver, car... no limit expect the max coverage of you wifi network -so you can easyly extend it-). Also friends can easyly share what they are listening to when comming home.

I think such a fonctionnality is easy to add for developpers because the flexibility of IP network architecture is already here and streaming audio over IP network exist since...ages... this his more than tweelve years that I'm familiar with streaming audio content with shoutcast or icecast servers.

When you have discovered Airplay (or similar fonction) you cannot switch back to bluetooth steaming because of the poor quality, the 90% not multipoint devices and the very poor area coverage. Over the more it permit to bypass poor quality phones DAC and the physical fragility of headphone jack.

So please, add airplay capability, I, and other users, are ready to pay addon for that !

PS : sorry if I make a lot of mistakes when I try to speak/write english, really I try to do my best.

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I have registered on this forum just to say that I would like nothing more than to have

DLNA UPnP support!

Poweramp best player ever! I have bought this app like 2 years ago and its great! however, as technology moves, so do we go ahead, I have now all my equipment on wifi and my music is on external HDD, but I want to control what is played on my speakers (which are connected to dlna player), and from my mobile with Poweramp that would be great!

I have all tried all different versions of other software that is available on the market, however, only and only Poweramp I liked, mostly because easy, second it is FOLDER playing... easy but simple feature!

Thank you Maxim for this great product! now making it 2013 product with DLNA and UPnP support !

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