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Include notification audio while in car mode

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Hello, i often use Poweramp via Bluetoothin my car. And here is my Problem:


While playing music in background, i use my device as Navigation System and SpeedCamera-Warner. (CarMode is enabled)

Neither the sounds from my Navigation App nor these form the Speedcamerawarner were hearable.


Is there an Option to mix up these sounds into the actual playing music?


My best-case-scenario:


While in Car Mode music is playing, if there is an Audio event from Nav or Speed-Warner dim audio to 60 percent and play the sound. If there is an Phone-Call event just mute (as it is now)


I hope due to my limited english i could point out what i am interested in...


some further informations:


Phone samsung GTN7000 

Android 4.4

Nav: mapfactor Navigator (http://navigatorfree.mapfactor.com/de/)

Speedcam: Blitzer.de Plus (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.blitzer.plus&hl=de)


Thank you for your help




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You can't force mixing (although sometimes it seems to happen anyway for me). However It is meant to pause PA while a notification announcement is made. The options can be adjusted via Settings > Audio > Audio Focus.


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