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Use of hardware DSP.. Will it be supported?

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One thing that I love about Google Play Music is that on some devices like Nexus, Oneplus One and other Cyanogen devices and others is that it uses the hardware DSP to decode audio files and that makes its battery last way way longer than just use the software DSP.

The previous Poweramp didnt use the hardware DSP bug now that there's a new version coming I'm asking here if it will be supported.

If it will be supported will it be supported from within the app itself or it will be supported by using the 3rd party DSP support that was annouced?

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I seem to recall Max responded to this topic ages ago, saying that Poweramp uses its own custom-built audio engine (which is already pretty efficient) so this does not really apply. Certainly from my own experience, Poweramp is quite battery-friendly (as long as the screen is kept off, obviously) and I left it playing music via bluetooth for hours on end over Xmas and the battery hardly drained at all.


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I have a OnePlus One as well and can also confirm that PA is exceptionally battery friendly, plus the new audio engine sounds SO much better, especially in certain previously problem scenarios that I had identified so while I would appreciate the option/external use of a hardware DSP, it really isn't that much of a priority AFAIC.


To put it into perspective, I've been listening to music during gym using my bluetooth earphones and after a 1:30-hour period, my battery fell 10.4% with the bluetooth wakelock itself accounting for 8.1% and Poweramp a mere 2.3%.

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