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OTG media keys and USB DAC playback resume upon connect


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First of all, HI! I want to say: Only use Poweramp on all my android devices to play music, simply the best one out there for me, awesome app LOVE IT!


New guy here, wondering if i can ask questions, and mostly if you have answers... I hope i don't ask the same questions that were already asked, i just could not find anything like this on this forum.


1st question:

So, i own a small USB OTG DAC amp. The amp model is the Topping NX2. http://www.tpdz.net/en/products/nx2/ Small, weak, but still worth it. I noticed that Poweramp stops playing when i pull the usb out while the music plays over OTG cable i built for my amp, it doesn't switch to loudspeakers, it stops. Is there a way to make Poweramp resume upon re-plugging the OTG usb cable in? like if it sees a usb dac, boom music resumes, pending the option being ticked in the settings page of course. That would be nice!


2nd question:

I saw a FIIO USB DAC amp on ebay not so long ago, with media buttons directly on the body of the amp. on my XPERIA Z3 compact Will those buttons really control the music using Poweramp when plugged in the USB using an OTG cable? Is this kind of DAC device also considered as an HID keyboard or HID consumer device to control media with the integrated buttons? How well will Poweramp work with these controls? anybody ever tried this amp? FIIO KUNLUN E18 http://www.fiio.net/en/products/20 These buttons would make everything nicer!


Last question:

Now with all that in mind, I saw an External Playback Control Keypad on a DIY site where the guy had the "play/pause, next, prev" buttons in a usb format micro keyboard to clip on top of his normal pc keyboard. upon reading the comments, i saw that the microcontroller used would work over an OTG connection with a phone. NOW, WOULD THESE kind of OTG devices work with Poweramp considering i only currently have an amp that acts as a DAC?: If i use a USB hub, i am told i can plug up to three devices in my phone. I could plug the DAC amp for sound and a homemade Playback keypad to control the music remotely.

Would those two work hand in hand with Poweramp to create the best combo possible for my needs? If i can't buy it, might as well build it, the buttons really would be practical!


I Know I ask a lot, but any info you guys can give me would be usefull as i don't find much on the interwebernets being inexperienced in all of this. android OTG seems nice but not much is available as far as info on plugging two devices of this kind. i don't see anybody using a DAC amp and a media buttons in the same setup with their phone.



Thanks in advance for the support and i will keep reading the forum to get more info until then.


P.S. i do not recommend or tell people to buy any of the products mentioned in here i'm merely giving examples for the purpose of these questions as i don't know all the terms for all the items i need to complete my project.


I really want to thank anybody that will take from their time to help me with any of this. I am willing to return the favor with anything i can do with any of your projects in the future. i mean it

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