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Some stereo components now have are compatible with Spotify Connect, whereby you can stream Spotify from a mobile device.


As I cannot and don't yet want to upgrade my current AV receiver alternatives include:

  1. A device such as Gramofon which connects wirelessly with a mobile device and feeds audio to via the Line In: or
  2. A second or spare PC left connected to the amplifier or AVR; and possibly,
  3. Chromecast?

I like this second option for the moment but notice then that Spotify on a PC can, it cannot play local files on mobile device.


So does Poweramp already have streaming functionality similar to Spotify Connect, which would enable this functionality.


I don't fully understand Chromecast but can local files be streamed to Chromecast with Poweramp or any other app?


If not, is in the realms of reality ?

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