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24/96 or greater ALAC incorrect speed

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Hi All


Apologies of this has already been covered.


I am running the latest version of Poweramp Unlocked : 2.0.10-build-582-play (Full Version) on my Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1


​It works perfectly except for any ALAC files I play which have a resolution of 24/96 or higher. I can run 24/44.1, 24/48 with no issues but anything higher in this format plays at an incorrect speed.


Can someone advise if this is a expected behaviour? I have removed the app and reinstalled but the issue remains.


​I use iTunes to organise my music on my Mac and use ALAC as my preferred format.


I notice that I can run these files on Neutron and Rocket Player - but would rather use Poweramp as it in my opinion is better!


Any help would be great :)


Thanks, Jon.

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24/96 is kinda (!) excessive for a phone. FLAC, ALAC and other similar lossless/etc formats are not as well supported as more mainstream audio files such as MP3, so the higher the settings you use the more likely there are to be issues.

I know the next version of Poweramp will be using a completely rewritten audio engine, so I doubt anything will be done with the current version, but in the meantime you could try down-converting to MP3 for phone use.


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