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Best way to create/sync playlists

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Hi there,


I just bought the full version and I am getting to know the player.


What is the best way to:

1)- create

2)- backup, 

3)- store and

4)- sync my playlists.


Is there a way to do it on the computer and import them?


Thank you for any help!


Keep smiling


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I will try and deal with each point

- Poweramp allows you to create playlists. It is worth noting that these playlists are internal to pa and will not be seen by other music players.

- Poweramp offers export to m3u8 format. This is the best way to back them up. These are called file based playlists in pa terminology. Note that pa does not mantain these so any additions or deletions to this type of playlist will be lost.

- pa has its own media database and everything it needs is stored there. Unless your device is rooted, you can not back this up.(no need really)

- sync with what?

- prepare on pc, follow this link



Pa only imports native android playlists

If you have m3u or m3u8 playlists, my app can import these. No need to be concerned with the procedure in the link above. It imports a foreign playlist simply by looking at the song title. It will then create a native android playlist which pa then can import.

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