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...Newbee - is there a tutorial?

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i read so many great things about PA on-line that i had to try it out.


i was wondering if there is a YouTube tutorial or a user manual?


i'm not really good at playing with stuff to figure things out.


for example - i did a search for an album - found it - clicked play - PA played the first song from the album - after that song was over - PA just started playing random songs - totally unrelated to the album or genre.


i could say what gives - i know better - that's why i'm asking for guidance


many thanks - Ethan

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There isn't a manual as such (although there are some FAQs on this site) but it sounds like you are playing with Shuffle turned on. Tap the icon in the lower-right corner of the cover artwork area in the Player screen to change the setting ('Off' would be simplest for you I suspect, but there are several options which offer album shuffling, songs-with-albums shuffling, and all-songs shuffling for example)


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