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The support of ESS HiFi DAC by Poweramp on the LG V10.


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I don't know whether its LG or app developers or Android OS or Chips(snapdragon etc) are responsible for the settings of the HiFi DAC in the V10. DAC is not Supported while on Poweramp.. Whats the use of it if third party apps (music players especially Poweramp) have no access to it. Apps are made to take advantage of the on board hardware, so the who ever is responsible, mostly app developer should take action n give out the update for utilization of that particular h/ware... 


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Recently an app was released to enable the DAC on all apps, called DAC Fix.




The concept is actually quite simple! Immediately when music starts playing, it plays some completely (and I mean completely! We don't want any background noise, do we?) silent media which tricks the phone into turning the DAC on.


Can't tell if that's a bug or intentional.


I wonder how the whole DAC system works. Does it have 2 to switch between? Or does it have 2 modes, low and high quality?

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