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Album Art on display


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Just enjoying Poweramp Music Player (Trial). After 2 days of constant attention it appears to be THE PERFECT app but for for one (IMHO) fault.  I have over 14,000 songs over 350 albums - most individual non-album tracks have their own artwork !.


When sorting through albums especially in 'Grid' mode my album art (all my own, embedded via 'snagit' & 'Tag&Name') looks superb for the most part. Unfortunately the picture chosen to represent the album is always that of the LAST track on the album - not the FIRST track which in my case visually represents the ENTIRE album (Especially works well with compilations - Do you see what I mean ?)  So I'm asking is there anyway the artwork from the FIRST track of the album can be shown as the representative artwork instead of the artwork from last track ?

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