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Remove All Songs from queue


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5 hours ago, oxossi100 said:

I've attached an image of my queue screen,

That is the legacy Poweramp v2, for KitKat ROMs and below. Android 4.x devices should all have a menu button, but if not there is an option in Settings that will force the three-dots icon to be visible in all screens.


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I want to delete - some - albums, marking: "select,all,delete". The albums remain although, telling "Cues won't be removed." (If I remember correctly.)

How can I delete these albums? (I couldn't even delete the related folders).

I have a PAmp full version.

Thank you very much for your kind help !

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Do you have full write access to the storage area, as you should be able to multi-delete by album or folder. Try editing a song tag and see if that works.

CUE file inside folders are meant to be deleted if you delete the folder, but I've found they normally seem to remain in most cases. I tend to delete CUE files manually anyway in a file manager app to be sure. Unless you need them to split large FLAC/etc files into separate tracks, they generally serve no useful purpose anyway.


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