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Poweramp and .flac music files


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hey guys whats up this is my first post here i hope im welcome and i hope you guys can help me somehow :)


so im having problems with windows tag editing and with flac formats



some days ago i was trying to put my albums on my moto g3 2015 and on the c laptop i was using 2 errors kept happening:

i couldnt edit the tags of certain music files on windows 10, its like the changes wouldnt save, id try to write in the artist of the album but even if i saved the new changes they would disappear


on other files i couldnt change any of the details and whenever i tried an error message would pop up on the screen saying "com surrogate has stopped working"


so moving along from that now i am here on my newly bought desktop pc (windows 7 ultimate, 64-bits)


ok so heres my problem with windows you can skip it if you want:


and i realized i couldnt edit the .flac format files of my music folder neither could i play them or put them in the windows media player library  (http://imgur.com/aoI6hIT)


so i downloaded a plugin that let me play them and put them in the WMP library and it worked 


then i downloaded a program that let me edit the tags but it doesnt seem like its working since the folders dont get sorted automatically in the WMP library and since i cant edit the tags through windows itself only on the program; here you'll find better info on a thread i made on the windows 7 forums; http://www.sevenforums.com/music-pictures-video/387328-flac-windows-media-player-library.html#post3187518





Does Poweramp play .flac files?


If not, is there a way to make it play them?


If it does play .flac files, is there something I should know to make that really work (because it seems like it isn't working)?


Do I have to edit all the file tags/details of each song/album to make them completely accurate (on my computer)

before I transfer them to the Poweramp app on my phone? Is that the only way to make this work?


Anything else I should know?


I really hope you guys can help me this has been a problem for nearly 4 months now! I need my music ;-; hahaha

also I use Poweramp full version

thanks guys

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Yes, Poweramp does play FLAC files, although some more esoteric high sample rate / high bit rate files have been reported to cause issues.

For tag editing, I use TagScanner. I'm not sure how reliably it works with FLAC files, but I'm pretty sure it copes OK with them. I rarely use FLACs myself though, as I listen to most of my music on my phone and FLAC files are pointlessly large for a non-hifi device like a phone where lossless audio isn't much of an advantage.

As for using Windows to edit tags... personally, I'd leave it to a program that's better designed for the job.


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Thanks for the answer!!


I forgot to mention too that several files come out corrupted when transferred to my phone!

I can't play them, a message like "file can't be played, will be skipped" pops up. Other albums don't appear at all I think (I think those are the albums that have unsorted tags)


Can somebody explain this?

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