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Is this program completely useless for me due to DRM?


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I bought Poweramp on November 15. I have it installed on a tablet for my car audio. It never gets an internet connection except when I bring it inside every once in awhile to copy new music to it.


Twice now in the past month I have been told that the music player will not work because it can't check my license. This is incredibly frustrating. I am very surprised that such invasive DRM is used on such a cheap program. Is this program completely useless to me? How many more times do I have to prove that I didn't pirate a $3.99 program?

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Unfortunately, you do need an internet connection for the initial license validation, which normally occurs within 24 hours of installation. See http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323557-is-internet-connection-required

Also, the following may help:

ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER error is reported by Google Play Store app back to Poweramp when Unlocker from Play is installed; it's reported in the following cases:

- Play Store app not loaded. Please start Play Store app and wait until it fully loads start page. Play Store app can fail to load, for example, during its self-updating. Please wait until it fully loads, them start Poweramp again

- internet connection is not available/unstable or Play Store app/services are blocked from internet

- (Android 2.x) Background data is disabled

To resolve this issue:

1. uninstall Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

2. ensure you have internet connection on the device up and stable

3. install Poweramp Full Version Unlocker from Google Play Store app. Reinstalls to the same account are free. Installing Unlocker from APK won't resolve the issue

4. You may need start/wait a bit/exit Poweramp 2 times to reload license state.


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This was not the initial license check, I have had the program since November 15 and the license check has been verified before.

When it says that the license is "never checked again, unless Poweramp is reinstalled, system is reset, or ROM is updated" does "system is reset" mean literally just the tablet rebooting? Or ROM is updated, can just general google updates cause this? 

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