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Change of ID3 Tag impossible

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Hi there,


I know that there are some topics about read/ write rights, but not equals to my problem, I think...

It's like that: I am not able to change the ID3 Tag of a song I saved on SD Card. It's even not possible to delete a song over Poweramp. The deletion with the filemanager works correctly. If I try with Poweramp there arrears a dialog that shows:

Error! No write access to the file. To enable access, please select SD card in the Grant Access dialog, then try again.

When I press the "Grant Access" Button, nothing happens. I've got Android 5.0.1 on a Huawei P8. What's wrong? Please help me!


Kind regards from Germany


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This is exactly the same as the other topics you have read, which is that the app does not have write-access permission to the SD Card.

Try to DELETE a random song from the SD Card from within Poweramp, and use the Grant Access feature to allow access to the card. Then future attempts to modify or delete songs should work fine.


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