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List only 5 Star, 4 Star, etc


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My phone has a lot of music on it.  I have tons of 3 star songs I typically don't listen to, and should probably just delete off my sd card, but that's a lot of work.  On the other hand, Poweramp gave me the ability to rate songs.  I diligently rated all the music on my device (took a few days, and a lot of skipping) and was horrified to find that I couldn't enqueue only 5 stars, or only 4 stars, etc.  Is there a way to filter by only 5 star/4 star/etc. that I may have missed?


My solution was to export ALL music as a playlist after it was sorted by "Highest rating" and manually delete all the unwanted entries, then import the playlist back into Poweramp so that I have only a 4 and 5 star playlist.  That's a lot of work for something you'd think would be built in with the rating system?


Did I miss something here?


I appreciate any assistance!

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There are many Poweramp users who have posted about the limitation of ratings in pa, in particular the inability to export/retain the ratings when switching to a new device. In response to this i have developed New Playlist Manager that provides additional functionality to pa rating tag. A) you can create playlists using the rating, which is what you are looking for, B) update the popm tag of your mp3 track so that you are able to retain all your ratings, independant from pa. There is an expectation that the new release of pa will use this popm tag so this approach would effectively ensure that your ratings are preserved.



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