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Switch from mono to stereo


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What kind of speakers are you using?  For the most part, when you buy stereo speakers, they usually come in a pair. To get true stereo sound, the speakers need to be separated by at least a little bit. The distance between the two speakers is called the "separation" and you need to have a little separation in order to hear true stereo sound.


However, recently it seems like some producers of speakers have found a way to put true stereo sound into a single (often tiny) box. So if you are using two speakers, how far apart are they?


Some modern stereo speakers come in a very small box and there is hardly any space inside the box in between the two speakers (assuming this tiny box actually contains two separate speaker - I can't open it so I can't see just what is inside).


I recently bought a very tiny Sony speaker (SRSX33B) for approx $100. It is rated 20 watts and it's only about 6 inches wide by 2 inches tall and 2 inches deep. And yet, it produces a big beautiful sound that is easily as good as or better than some of my older (circa 1975) speakers that were 20 times more expensive (Hard to believe but - Honest!). I think the explanation must be that the producers of modern speakers have made some truly brilliant advances in recent years. Can anyone tell me if this is true. I really don't know how they have managed to do this.


The only problem with this tiny Sony speaker is that since it is only 6" wide, I can't really hear any "separation" and so I can't hear any difference between stereo and mono unless I'm wearing headphones. But this is not a problem because:


1) I usually do wear headphones and even if I'm not wearing headphones ...


2) The sound produced by this little tiny box is just so magnificent, it is truly out of this world. I just love this tiny speaker! It was such an incredible surprise! Such a little tiny speaker producing such a big huge sound. Amazing!


Just to give you some idea how much progress has been made with modern speakers, back in 1975, I bought some magnificent British speakers (Spendor BC-IIIs). I had to save a whole year to buy them but it was worth iit. They cost about $2000 in 1975. But IMO the sound produced by this little tiny 20 watt Sony speaker (which cost $100) is easily as good as or better than those big huge speakers. Those Spendor speakers were approx 3 ft tall by 1 ft wide and 1 ft deep. In 1975, they were generally regarded as some of the best speakers in the entire world (for that amount of money).


Here is a link to my new tiny Sony speaker in case anyone may be interested: When I bought this speaker, it was on sale for $100. The current price is $150.




Sony also sells another 20 watt speaker (SRSX3B) for about half the price.  I don't know what the difference is between these two speakers. Can anyone who has some knowledge of speakers tell me why one is half the price of the other? After all, they are both 20 watts. Why would one be so much less money than the other?



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