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Hierarchy List Option: Showing parent directory of set musicfolder instead it's content

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I've set a music folder in the settings. Now when I turn the listoptions to "Hierarchy", this the only one of those 3 listoptions which shows the set music folder from it's parent directory. So everytime I have to click on my music folder to show the subfolder.

So when you define your music folder path, why would you want to show it from one path/level above? This doesn't make sense to me. I have set the start screen of Poweramp to folder as a workaround for the crappy back button (see here) - so it's double annoying, because I have to click on the music folder everytime I start the app then..

Here's a screenshot:





Furthermore the List or Grid listoptions are doing it correctly. They only show the content of my set music folder (subfolders),




So what I want as a "bug" fix is, that you see the folder's content - just as in the other list options for the Hierarchy option.

(That the Hierarchy option shows only the first level of a (music) folder's content (i.e. not sub-subfolders like the other options do) is still what I want and what it's name promises - to clarify my request ;-)).


Version & Build: 2.0.10-build-581-play

Device Model: Motorola Moto G 2014

Android 5.1

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You can have more than one 'top' level folder selected, in various locations. For example you could have SD Card root folders named Music, Podcasts and Audio Books, plus an internal device folder named Radio, and each of them could be ticked in the Music Folders list. So you do need to see all the available folders in the Hierarchy list.

If you want to see just the subfolders of Music, manually select each one via Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders (rather than ticking the root-level 'Music' item, which automatically causes all of its sub-folders to select too). The only downside of this method is that any new folders you later add directly into the 'Music' folder level will not be picked up automatically, you'd need to tick them on the list manually. (Folders further down the tree - such as adding a new album folder into /Music/Albums/ - would get added, because 'Albums' is already selected for all its contents)


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