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How to Play Music through Bluetooth Speakers using Poweramp


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Hi, recently purchased an HTC One and have stocked full of music that I want to be able to play through our Beatbox speakers, using Poweramp.  The phone will pair with the speakers, but I do not know how to get Poweramp to play music through them. When I look through the Poweramp settings I see "Headset/Bluetooth", but nothing within that is obvious to me about how to do this. I have "Resume on Bluetooth" checked off. I have everything except "High Priority" checked off.


My husband can get his phone (iPhone) to play music through the beatbox speakers...



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Ok, so I found out that I could click and hold on a song and get options, one of which it to send to Bluetooth device, but for some reason Poweramp cannot find the speakers. The phone is able to find and pair, but not Poweramp.  Weird.  


Anybody know how I can fix this?


Thank you.

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I had to try the following things a few times before I began to understand some things. Still learning. Not very confident I can help you. But I will try.


If you click your phone's "Settings" screen, you should see the following menu choices: "Connection", "My Device", "Accounts", "More"


Click on "Connection". Then click on "Bluetooth".  Do you see the "Scan" label at the bottom of the screen?


If your speakers don't show on the Bluetooth screen, you can try to click "Scan" in order to get your phone to find your speakers. Make sure your speakers are powered on and ready to accept input when you do this.


The following explains that you need to "tell" your speakers you want them to work with a BT source and not from a source that uses a cable.

My speakers have a cable input so they will play wirelessly using BT or using a wire. My speakers have a button so you can select "Audio In" or "Pairing". If your speakers have a similar button, you need to make sure that you disconnnect the cable and that you have "Pairing" turned ON and "Audio In" turned OFF.


On the Settings screen, if you go to the "Bluetooth" screen, you will see that every BT device shows up with a little symbol that looks a little like a "flower" to the right of the entry. That is an unfortunate choice because it's not obvious that if you click on the flower symbol you get another screen with some important options. They are:  "Rename", "Unpair", "Call Audio" and "Media Audio"


The first two are kind of obvious. But I have two different speaker systems and I need to check off one of them so it will handle telephone calls. You should decide which of your speakers you want to use with phone calls (if any).


The "Meda Audio" is important. When you begin to play some music, it it determines which speaker to use (if you have more than one). So make sure this option is turned "on" for the speakers you want to use.


Good luck and please let us know if you succeed.

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Hello Andrewilley and AliShibaz,


Thank you for your responses and sorry I haven't responded sooner!  I haven't got my account set up here to notify my of responses (I'll change that today) and our 2.5 year old has kept us busy the last few weeks! :)


In my phone's bluetooth settings, I do have my Beatbox Portable identified (paired), and going further into these settings, the "Media audio" option is selected.


To use our Beatbox wirelessly (i.e. when my uses it wirelessly with his iPhone), we turn it on, then press and hold the on button for 10 seconds, after which the on light flashes indicating the Beatbox is ready for pairing.


I suspect my problem is with Poweramp itself. When I bring up a list of songs to play, press and hold on a song, more options present, one of which is "Send" and there are three symbols: arrows, email and Bluetooth.  Choosing this, several options appear: Bluetooth, Drive, Gmail, etc. I choose to share with Bluetooth and the program scans for a Bluetooth device, but does not find any. Even though our Beatbox is 2 feet away and flashing it's readiness to pair. 


I am going to try to use the Beatbox with Google Play, the music playing program originally installed on my phone, to see if it can pair with the Beatbox. 

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@nooks12 I found the issue. It just needs an update. Poweramp v3 is out now so definitely go get it, because they revamped the default skins to make it look like Spotify. Very pretty.

Though this is the case, the developers at Poweramp apparently haven't figured out how to auto update the app, so you have to uninstall then reinstall from the App or Play Store. After two phone reboots, Poweramp app force stops, Bluetooth repairing, and scanning the net, I finally thought of trying this idea.

Also, don't worry about losing any of your music. If you don't know already, you can always go into settings and select media folders. They're on your phone, not in the app ;)

I hope this helps! It certainly saved me from an anxiety attack lol

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