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just signed up for apple music for android...how to i move it to power amp to play tunes?


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just signed up for apple music for android (lg  nexus 5).

the 'downloaded files' of Poweramp doesnn't show any of my music:

instead for my files it plays my ring tones, voice recorder messages. ???


so i don't know how to integrate the apple music with power amp.

same thing goes for my apps linking me to jazzradio.com (or any other musc app/link)

to a streaming site. ie somafm.com (etc)


i don't have any usb cable connecting my files betwwen my laptop (windows 10) and my nexus.

should i to open some files  and then transfer them over?


or should i just tweek something in my nexus phone settings?


sorry guys if this topic is a no brainer.

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Streaming audio formats are not available for Poweramp to play.

If Apple Music downloads its music files directly to your device (can you specific a location?) then you can tell Poweramp what extra folders it should scan for music. Go to Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders and tick all the folders that you'd like it to scan (and untick any folders which contain your ringtones/etc).


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