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RYBG buttons on Android TV Remote


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If Poweramp has the focus, being able to set the colored buttons (PROG_BLUE, RED, GREEN, YELLOW) to Shuffle/Repeat/Next Folder/Prev Folder would be great.


Tincore and Bluez are IMEs that have fixes availible for the 4.1.2 and up HID change that Google put in place.


Thanks to that, I have a wide variety of bluetooth HID devices that I can bind to those buttons.


Since they're supposed to be secondary function buttons for whatever App has the Main Focus, if someone happens to have a TV remote, making those do something would be great.


The media keys on keyboards and remotes function perfectly, and most IMEs trigger them flawlessly. By adding a few keys from common android input devices, like the TV remotes, you can give remote buttons for the few missing functions you would normally have in the main window.


If you already have this, then I probably didn't know about it because I'm using a phone.

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