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Finished song starts again when headphones are plugged in

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Hi there,


I have a small problem when listening to albums. Here is what happens:

- listening to an album via headphones

- album is finished, Poweramp stops

- headphones unplugged

- headphones plugged in

- last song of the album starts playing again


I'm pretty sure that this behaviour is kind of new (maybe 1 year old). If I remember it correctly before that, plugging in the headphones didn't do anything if your last album/playlist was finished.


Or am I doing something wrong? Perhaps a configuration issue on my side?

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I'm aware of this setting. And I do want to resume the album when I plug in my headphones.

The problem is, that after finishing an album and not starting a new one, the next time a headphone is plugged in, the last song from that finished album plays again. As mentioned before, I think, some time ago, plugging in headphones didn't have any effect when the playlist/album was finished.

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When the last track of an album finishes (with Repeat mode off) Poweramp will remain focussed on that last song played. Pressing Play at that point (or connecting a headset, which does the same thing) will start playback of the current song. You can use the Repeat mode to change that functionality though, and continue to the next album or restart the current album.


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