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Bugfix / improvement concerning Harddrive based system


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Hi together,

I'm using an archos 70it as MP3 player which has the specificity to work with a 250GB harddrive instead of flash memory.

I tried to use Poweramp which was exactly filling my expectations in terms of ergonomy, functionality and quality. Congratulation then for this great work...

... BUT (there's always a but...) after a fex seconds playback, Poweramp doesn't play correctly and regularly, the playback is interrupted for 1 or more seconds, which is unfortunately not acceptable. I tried with many other programs available on Android, but until now only the application delivered by default by Archos is the only one to work.

I tried to understand why this happens and I think that the difference between the played is related to the cache memory management: does Poweramp wait that the cache is almost empty to fll it at the last moment (saving the battery, while limiting memory access probably) or does it fills the cache more regularly?

I may be problematic with a harddrive because the access time is very long (a few seconds if the HD is stopped physically, again to save battery) and the cache is probably empty when the new data are available.

I precise that I tried the different options for cache memory (auto, normal or more) but I didn't see any differences in the behaviour of the player: the HD is stopped and tries to start shortly before the music stops.

This may be decisive: if a new version would correct this problem, I'd buy your application without hesitating.

I thank you in advance for your feedback !

Do some of you experienced this kind of problems? Are there any solutions which I didn't find?

PS: Archos 70 it 250GB with Android 2.2; Poweramp V1.1 build 326

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Hi, thanks for the report, this is known issue with Archos 70+hdd - it stops hdd too frequently and spin up time just breaks sound.

Archos devices don't support google account on them and thus PowerAMP full version can't be purchased and used on them. Though, I'll try to fix this issue and most probably the fixed version (with few other tweaks for archos devices) will be available with the special Full Version Unlocker version for Archos (which binds to archos account).


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