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Audiofocus Option for lowering Volume during notifications/navigation

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i have a request. please implement the Audiofocus Option for lowering the Volume(like a Volume bar whrer the user can set how much the volume should be lowered) during a notifivation or even more important navigation. the interrupt during navigation annoys me :( please do that. big thanks in forward.

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Hello Chris 898,

I registered on this forum one or two years ago to ask the same question (http://goo.gl/VszHWx). Seems that many people are asking for the same but this feature is still being ignored. One of the developers told that it's unlikely that this feature will appear before Poweramp V3. 


I use Shuttle+ (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=another.music.player) while I'm in my Car using the GPS. Shuttle+ supports volume ducking (as many other android music players). That way I can still listen to music and hear wherever the GPS is telling me something. 


So I guess that it will take still some time, maybe years till this will even just be considered.. Though still hope it will be implemented some day.. or that I'll find an other app with similar or better song management. 



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