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Waze directions cut music off in car Bluetooth

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  • Poweramp version and build number - 2.0.10-build-581-play (full version)
  • Your device model LG G3
  • Your Android version 5.0 V20t-esa-xx LRX21R.A1439892504



So I've been using Poweramp for years. I have also used it in my car for the last two years.


lately, for some reason (app update? os update? not sure) when using navigation (Waze) most of the time, not always, after voice direction cuts the sound, music also stops and I need to go to the player and hit play again. very problematic when navigating through unknown area and need to fiddle with music as well.


I have tried using google player and problem does not occur. so this isn't a problem with the bluetooth or waze. this issue was not from the start so its not the car.



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