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EQ Presets Widget

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It would be great to have a "EQ Presets Widget", to allow change EQ settings with one touch button.

Many people is installing other equalizers apps just to have this killer feature.


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Related to this, but simpler.


In the current release, I can assign a preset to various devices, or to a song, or all songs, I would like a better selector for songs.

I would like to be able to assign presets to:





as I find that certain genre's sound better with certain presets.

If the selector for genre is too hard, then, I could use a selector that will give me something similar, like album or artist. That is, music from the same album is generally the same genre, so will generally prefer the same preset.


I don't use playlists, so I don't need that.


(8k+ songs, 600+ albums, 500+ artists, 49 genres, wired headset only)

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